Suraj Koll

IT Advisor, Ministry of Information, Kuwait

Suraj Kollabathula is an Entrepreneurial Engineer, Currently associated with Masar Aljazeera Co. & JF Group operating in Kuwait, Oman
& Saudi Arabia. He is responsible for QA, ISMS & Media Projects along with the development of workflow system. He is also a technical
consultant for Ministry Of Information, Government of Kuwait. Currently working with core team responsible for implementation of IT
Governance Framework.
Earlier he handled several IT & media projects. He is a co-founder and advisor of several IT startups. With experience in management
level, handled a project in IT, Media and Security systems for large-scale enterprise with key emphasis on business process analysis and
design, Budget and Planning, Business Continuity Planning, Disaster Recovery Planning, system performance measurement and quality
control. He participated in several conferences & Forum discussions.