Muhammad Islam

ICT Security Consultant, Ministry of Awkaf and Affairs, Kuwait

Muhammad Islam is the Information Security Officer / Consultant for Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs Kuwait, he managed the IT
Security Operation for 120+ MAIA Offices and Locations with 30 Network & Security employees. He has developed number of new
information security programs, has enabled MAIA to successfully implement ITSM, ISMS & BCM for Ministry of Awqaf & Islamic Affairs
Kuwait which is one of the Largest Govt. organization in Kuwait.
Energetic, visionary strategist & qualified with more than 17 years of IT experience including 10+ years record of ground up success in IT
security, dedicated in designing, Consulting & Auditing Information Security Infrastructure & Networks.
Mr. Islam has served in a number of technical roles prior to his work as a full-time Security Consultant. He was responsible performing
competitive R&D in development of IT Security products such as AntiSPAM, Vulnerability Assessment, IDS/IPS, Deep Inspection
Firewalls with one of the leading UTM Appliances manufacturer based in Fremont, California, USA. Islam is considered as one of the early
gurus of Snort (Old Popular Open Source IDS), and has contributed in development of snort language and signatures.