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Cyber awareness in Kuwait

Kuwait is becoming increasingly concerned about the threat posed by cyber-attacks to its strategic oil and gas industry, along with other sectors of the economy, with staff training and improved technology seen as vital front-line defenses to ensure cyber security.

CyberSense World will provide you with an opportunity to get acquainted with the best technologies from across the world while showcasing your solutions to industry leaders.

About this event

With the right level of preparation and specialist external assistance, it is possible to control damages and recover from a cyber breach and its consequences.

CyberSense World Kuwait 2017 will bring together Industry Experts, Key Decision Makers and Experienced Influencers from across the globe to discuss, highlight and analyse the various aspects of cyber security across regions and at a global level.

You will hear about

  • Cyber Security: Framework and Future challenges
  • The Concept of ATPs and Their Consequences
  • Cyber Security Regulations and Policies in Kuwait
  • Impact of Ransomware Attacks on Kuwait’s Economy
  • Overcoming Top Threats in Cloud Computing
  • Cyber Threat Vector Analysis
  • IT Disaster Recovery Plans
  • IoT for Control Systems and Cyber Security
  • Ways to Secure Mobility and IoT Devices
  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning in Cyber Security
  • Future of 5G Technology and its Effect on the Connected World

Featured Speakers

Cmdr (Dr) R Thomas, Rtd IN

Founder, TechnoPilot

Michael Darcy

Commercial Director, Darktrace

Ahmed Albalooshi

CIO, Al Baraka Banking group, Chairman of Digital and Cybersecurity at Bahrain Association of Banks

Venkat Krishnan

Head of Information Security and Risk Management,Al Ahli Bank, Kuwait

Mohammed Almozaiyn

Head of Information Security Incident Management, Banque Saudi Fransi, KSA

Saqib Chaudhry

CISO, Cleveland Clinic, Abu Dhabi

Bharat Panchal

Risk Management & CISO, National Payment Corporation of India

Qusai Al Shatti

Director General , Central Agency for Information Technology, Kuwait

Andy Archibald

Director- Cyber Security, Intelligence and Threat Management, Ex- Head of IT- Cyber Crime Unit, UK

Suraj Koll

IT Advisor, Ministry of Information, Kuwait

Roland Abi Najem

IT and Digital Marketing Consultant

Muhammad Islam

ICT Security Consultant, Ministry of Awkaf and Affairs, Kuwait

Ranjith Murali

Cyber Security Specialist, Forensic investigator & Black Hat Hacker

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